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8th December 2013 "Puttin' on the Glitz"

"I just wanted to congratulate you both on a wonderful Show! Kathryn and I enjoyed every moment and admire the ‘effortless’ way in which you produce such fantastic shows every year!! The numbers were beautifully choreographed, costumed, well rehearsed and we enjoyed your excellent choice of music.

Congratulations Marie Carmen on the safe arrival of your little Son! A perfect ending to a wonderful Show!

Looking forward to seeing Alfie join his talented cousins next time!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a well-deserved rest!"

11th March 2012 Community Gala

Re: Community Gala, Saturday 10th March 2012,

ACT Theatre, Kingston College

I just felt I had to write a few words (sorry, I am not a follower of Facebook!) as Saturday was such a great introduction for ... and myself to the world of Dansicality! And because it was so exciting to watch, smile, laugh, enjoy, and be part of it.

I had no idea just how far-reaching Dansicality is from in-school sessions to Performers right across the board, etc., and as a member of the audience, it choked me to see DanceAct and what you do for them in particular, such a special sector of the community. It is not until you see everyone on stage together that you see the full extent of what you do…. The Finale: What a testament to all your hard work.

There was a great varied choice of music to reflect the dance disciplines and the whole show was so well balanced, thought-out, high energy and most uplifting. ... said he could have done another one; there was definitely a feel-good factor about the show. You created such a buzz! No wonder you have such loyal followers.

It was all put together and executed seamlessly in the spirit it was intended, with everyone putting in so much effort and time. It was a shame that there wasn’t a representative from the Three Wings Trust to witness it for themselves, or perhaps a local journalist to do a write-up.

Your Dad, with his tireless rounds with the buckets, must be so proud of your achievements. Congratulations for raising the amount of money you did and achieving over your target.

Ladies, we so enjoy working with you and wish you continued success. You must take a moment yourselves to stand back and feel proud of what you do, continue to do and offer to the community through Dansicality and beyond. Your passion for it all is evident, your motives, energy and results, inspiring.

11th March 2012 Community Gala

"A big thank you to all especially Lynsey, who gave my youngest one the confidence to perform yesterday. Whatever you said to her it worked! It was lovely to see all of my children dance, I am a very proud mum! "

11th March 2012 Community Gala

"was amazed at yesterday's show and what all the schools achieved, am now looking into Dansicality properly for both of my children! Thanks for opening my eyes and thank you Lynsey for putting up with my little girl, you have brought out the best in her"