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N.A.T.D. - National Association of Teachers of Dancing

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The National Association of Teachers of Dancing is a company limited by guarantee. Its Articles of Association control it and a Rule Book has been framed within those articles. A full-time secretary and staff under the direction of the President and the Council of Management administer the Association. The latter are all democratically elected for a limited term of office but may offer themselves for re-election.

Professional examinations are available in all branches. Each of these has a syllabus of graded examinations and medal tests which can eventually lead to professional standards. Each branch is controlled, under the jurisdiction of the Council, by a technical sub-committee, which is re-elected at the biennial Examiners Meetings; Ballroom alternating annually with Theatrical. The Theatrical workshops are held in the Midlands, North and the South.

The association produces a magazine twice a year, issued free to all its members. This updates them on forthcoming events, syllabus revisions, and Head Office information. It also includes stimulating, sometimes provocative, articles and general comment on the dance business and dance trends.

A number of technical publications are available from head office. The association is truly international with a worldwide membership in 26 countries. Examiners regularly travel as far afield as Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The National is a member of and has representatives on the following bodies:-
  • British Dance Council
  • Sports and Recreation Alliance
  • Council for Dance Education and Training


The NATD aims to promote the enjoyment and knowledge of a variety of dance genres through our teachers' passion and commitment to the art form. We respect and encourage the diversity and values of individuals and their culture. We are committed to the highest standards of service, integrity and fairness. We offer a range of examinations which encourages a positive approach to achievement and strive for the development of each individual to their maximum potential.

Going forward, the NATD will continue to support the development and relevance of dance in a rapidly changing society.


NATD is committed to working in an open and clear manner with all members, other awarding organisations and the general public. It follows transparent procedures and policies, a brief resume follows but all policies may be accessed in their entirety by following the link. For more information please contact Head Office or The Quality Assurance Manager.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy.

NATD is committed to the promotion of dance without discrimination and inclusive of diversity and promotes equal opportunities among its employees, examiners, teachers, members and students.

Code of Good Practice

All teachers are required to operate according to the guidelines contained within the Code of Practice with regard to child protection good practice.

Enquiries/Appeals Policies

NATD has a clear procedure for dealing with any enquiries and a four step procedure for investigating any appeals following an examination session. It has a robust monitoring system in place with regard to all aspects of examinations in an effort to minimise enquiries and appeals.

Customer Service

It is the aim of NATD to offer and deliver a high standard of service to all members and students.

Continual Professional Development

NATD is proud to introduce a CPD scheme from January 2012, available to all members, demonstrating their commitment to high standards of teaching and skill delivery together with an increasing depth of knowledge.