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Nelson Primary School, Whitton

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“Dansicality have been working in Nelson Primary School for 6 years now, and have provided the children here with wonderful Dance opportunities and a lot of fun. The children gain so much from the different styles of dancing, and both boys and girls are very keen to be involved. The clubs are popular and are growing in numbers all the time, and the performances are fantastic. The children also gain so much socially from being involved. I would highly recommend Dansicality to anyone!”

Liz Rainey P.E. Co-ordinator at Nelson Primary School

St James's Catholic Primary School, Twickenham

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“Children engage in dance lessons every week at St James from Dansicality. The whole class is always focused and the activities are well suited and appropriate to the age range in the class. The children are able to develop their creativity in a ‘safe’ environment that is well controlled and led by experienced teachers.

All instructions given are clear and enable each child to access the lesson plans and be productive alone or in groups with their peers. Dansicality teachers are fexible and have excellent communication skills and rapport with the children. All children are able to access and gain basic ‘dance language’ i.e. travelling, rhythm and dynamics. The teachers are talented and can create and plan innovative lessons that match KS2 objectives. Year 6 thoroughly enjoy their lessons.”

Ruth Gusterson, Year 6 teacher at St. James

Dansicality Academy

“The main feedback I get from my children is that Dansicality is so much fun! They love the vibrant, funky dance style and they feel a real connection to Anna, Vickie and Marie, who all seem to relate to the children as individuals. They are incredibly positive and encouraging and they make the children feel that they are achieving something wonderful. This is fantastic for their self esteem on an individual level, but they also feel part of a team effort.

My 7 year old daughter has been involved with Dansicality for the last 3 years, first in an after-school club and, more recently, as part of the Dance Academy, and my 5 year old daughter has started attending the after-school club this term. Dance is, obviously, a fantastic form of exercise but I really feel that Dansicality offers so much more. In conclusion, I cannot recommend Dansicality highly enough. It is great for developing not only physical fitness, but many other skills that will ensure our children are ‘fit for life’!”

Vanessa Flashman, pleased parent!