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Benefits of Dance and Movement for Children

Dance is the fastest growing of all art forms and provides a wide range of both physical and mental benefits. It is a fantastic all-round form of exercise. Not only can it raise general fitness levels and thereby help to combat childhood obesity, but will also help build stronger muscles, healthy bones and promote healthy heart and lung function. It can deliver improved coordination, rhythm, flexibility and agility. It can also improve postural alignment and spatial awareness.

Regular exercise is proven to aid concentration and dance is particularly good at supplying mental stimulation. It can be used to establish an understanding of many different topics and it actively encourages listening and responding skills. Dance will help build physical confidence and raise self-esteem and is a great addition to a P.E. timetable or alternative to sport. It doesn’t rely on the weather and there is no equipment needed – you supply the space, we supply everything else!

Dance has always been a popular option for many children as an extra-curricular pastime outside of school and it is now second only to football as children’s most popular activity. It is becoming increasingly apparent that it can be hugely beneficial for all children, if given the opportunity to partake.